best gas fireplace logs

If you have a wood burning fireplace and are tired of the mess of wood it is easy to convert to burning gas logs.  There is natural and propane gas available. Logs are obtainable as vented for a natural looking fire or vent free for clean burning, heat producing Gas Logs

Outdoor Gas Logs

Intended to take the high BTU production of an out-of-doors fireplace without degrading, gas logs are crafted to look and burn just like real firewood.   With the ceramic fiber being developed, the look of glowing embers is blazing.

Ventless Gas Logs

Vent-free gas logs make up for their lack of flash with more heat and less air pollution but they don’t burn as high as vented logs. Ventless gas logs don’t need an open chimney and it uses less gas, saving you money.

Vented Gas Logs

They are designed to operate with an open chimney, most of the heat that they generate breaks out the chimney hole.   They are more decorative than actually heat efficient.  Vented gas logs are confirmed to offer the most realistic flame of an artificial fire.

Advantages of vented artificial fireplace gas logs over the burning of wood

Fireplace gas logs work with natural or propane (lp) gas. Instantly on and easy off, hence — no energy wasted– no more hauling — no more stacking — no more carrying into the house — no more splinters, cuts and scratches– no more falls on hard ground — no more litter on carpet — no more flying sparks or rolling coals — with log Sets, not much carpet damage or fire risk — no more worry when you sleep — no more stoking and stirring — no more scooping, sweeping and hauling ashes — no screen needed, it hides the beauty of the fireplace logs

And especially — no more CRITTERS AND VERMIN in your fireplace logs woodpile.

See-Thru Gas Logs

It can be difficult to choose gas logs for a see-through fireplace.  It must be installed in a fireplace with a fully functional chimney, to outline the smoke and combustion gases from your home. See thru gas logs are a great way to welcome the cold of winter or chill of fall. These sets give you the beauty and warmth of a fire without all of the hassle.

Pine Gas Logs

Pine wood offers long lasting embers on the fireplace.  They are cast from real trees selected for their realism and beauty.   It is tough and reliable and is styled accordingly to your fireplace accessories

Empire Gas Logs

Empire gas logs are ventless and they produce considerably more heat at about half the energy cost.  The feature is captured in each one and reproduced in quality ceramics and fiber. Realistic and natural, they will keep their true form even after years of use.

Contemporary Ventless Gas Sets

The contemporary ventless gas sets are an alternative solution to traditional log sets.  It can change the way your fireplace sets the mood in your home.  It can turn modern heating into a new definition of what a fireplace looks like.

Oak Gas Logs

Oaks are known for their health, strength and courage and an oak wood can bring a delicate attraction and warmth to your home.  Every log set comes complete with the fireplace accessories easy for installing.

Campfire Gas Logs

It recreates the natural look of a conventional campfire, importing it to your fireplace.  The campfire gas logs are carefree and wild as they were intended to be.

Coal Basket Gas Logs

This is the perfect answer for small fireplaces where gas logs can’t fit.   They are placed the same way but use less gas and offer a more attractive appeal for historic homes, it will redefine the way you approach in-home heating.  It comes with the usual fireplace accessories for ease of installation.



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